Toilet use

Don’t touch anything during a toilet visit

Toilets and urinals used by many different people have to meet a number of strict requirements. For example, in terms of hygiene, serviceability and safety. Economic considerations also play a role, both in installation and in daily use. The most hygienic applications are touch-free, for example touchless flusing, a shower toilet or an urinal.

Public space toilet - Shower toilets - Touchfree Toilet

Actuator plates

The flush plate is touched by many people during the day. It is therefore a potential source of contamination: the most recent Dutch National Toilet Survey shows that 16% of the flush plates are contaminated. By replacing the traditional button for a actuator plate that activates a toilet flush without touch, the washroom becomes considerably more hygienic.

Research shows that more and more people have an issue with activating the rinse manually. Therefore there is a growing demand for sensor-controlled flush plates, where nothing needs to be touched or pressed.

Toilet use - hands-free flushing - Sigma80 Control Plate - Touchfree Toilet

Some touch-free toilet flushes are activated by holding the hand in front of a visible infrared sensor. It is also possible to opt for an automatic rinse. In addition, the user does not need to take any action, flushing is done when he or she gets up. In general, the installation of the touch-free flush plates does not require more than an electric connection. In existing situations where electrical installation is difficult or impossible, there are also battery-powered solutions.

Shower toilets

If you want to design the washroom completely touch-free, you can go one step further by installing self-cleaning shower toilets. Now more and more people are opting for cleaning with water instead of toilet paper, the shower toilets are gaining popularity.

Geberit’s Aquaclean shower toilets are equipped with integrated technology so that the number of inaccessible places where dirt can collect is minimal. The toilets are also made with high-quality materials, such as scratch-resistant enamel that prevents the accumulation of bacteria and other pathogens.

Geberit AquaClean shower toilet - 1. A clean thing - Touchfree Toilet

A clean thing

Modern shower toilets are at first glance barely recognisable. The shower arm is hidden in the ceramics. Before and after use, the shower head is rinsed with water, so that it is always clean.

Geberit AquaClean shower toilet - 2. Start showering - Touchfree Toilet

Starting showering

At the touch of a button, the hidden shower arm emerges and cleans your lower body with a pleasantly warm shower beam.

Geberit AquaClean shower toilet - 3. Controlling the shower beam - Touchfree Toilet

Controlling the shower beam

The intensity of the water jet easily adapts to your personal preference. Of course, the shower function can be switched off at any time. After cleaning, the drying function will automatically start.

For most models, a KeraTect® glaze layer and Turboflush rinse technique is used. The KeraTect glaze closes the micropores of the ceramics and therefore forms a smoother surface. Water therefore spreads more evenly across the surface and flushes dirt away, without leaving any traces. This prevents calcium accumulation, which keeps the toilet hygienically clean.

The TurboFlush rinsing technology is based on an asymmetric inner geometry of the ceramics without flushing edge, which makes a particularly thorough flushing possible. A single flush opening on the side is sufficient: there are far fewer hidden zones, and corners and edges are completely missing. This also improves hygiene.


In addition to the touch-free shower toilet, the touch-free urinal is also on the rise. The user no longer needs to touch a button or other surface, which significantly reduces the risk of contamination. In addition, the urinals use water sparingly and the risk of damage is less. These urinals are not only the most hygienic, but also a sustainable choice. Finally, the urinals are easy to install and maintain and therefore cost-efficient.

Touch-free urinals need electricity. There are three possibilities for this: mains power, batteries or a generator’s own power supply, which is powered by the pressure of the tap water.

Urinal Preda with urinals - Touchfree Toilet
Urionoir Preda integrated flush control - Touchfree Toilet

For more information about touch-free flushing, urinals or shower toilets visit Geberit’s website or get in touch.