Touch-free hygienic hand drying

Choose a touch-free jet hand dryer with HEPA filter

Good hand hygiene after each toilet visit plays an essential role in the fight against infectious diseases. Even hands that appear clean can still carry large amounts of pathogens. Especially if they are not dried properly: bacteria spread 1000 times faster through moist hands than through dry ones. It is therefore very important to find the best drying solution.

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Several studies have shown jet hand dryers with HEPA filter and paper towels to be the two most hygienic options. The hands are dried quickly and the risk of the spread of virus and bacterial particles is minimal.

Bacteria spread 1000 times faster through moist hands than through dry ones.

Journal of Applied Microbiology

The well-respected Mayo Clinic designates hand dryers and paper as the most hygienic drying methods. Effective jet dryers dry the hands as fast as paper. These are therefore prescribed by the WHO and CDC for effective hand drying. In addition, modern jet hand dryers guarantee a full touch-free drying process, unlike paper towels.

Independent research shows that electric hand dryers with HEPA filter meet the highest hygiene requirements. Moreover, jet dryers are a lot more sustainable than paper.

When choosing a hygienic hand dryer, three aspects are essential:

  • is the device fully sensor-controlled/touch-free?
  • Are the hands dried quickly?
  • does the hand dryer have a HEPA filter that cleans the air?


HEPA filters

Dyson jet hand dryers always have a HEPA filter (“High-Efficiency Particulate Air”). This removes 99.95% of bacteria-sized particles from the air. For example, this advanced technology is also used for air purification in airplanes. In addition, the hand dryers are completely touch-free and generally dry hands in 10 seconds.

The jet dryers are certified by leading hygiene bodies, such as the BritishRoyal Society for Public Health; NSF Internationaland HACCP International for use in the food industry. Hand dryers with HEPA filter are also recommended in the international WELL Health & Safety Rating system.

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This international recognition ensures that jet dryers are increasingly used in locations where no concession can be made to hygiene. For example, the Chirec hospital in Brussels opted for the Airblade Wash+Dry hand drying tap. Toilet visitors wash and dry their hands completely sensor-controlled above the sink. As a result, no more water drips on to the ground. Cleaner and safer. And because the user does not touch any surface, the risk of the spread of germs is minimal.

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Are jet hand dryers hygienic?

Despite the above studies and certifications, misunderstandings about the hygiene of hand dryers regularly appear. These can often be traced back to research from the paper industry. More information can be found in the publications.

Objections to other methods

Other drying methods, such as towels or cotton rolls, are not suitable for busy locations such as offices, restaurants and hospitals. For example, cotton rollers do not score well in terms of hygiene. If they are not replaced in time, bacteria can accumulate, just like regular towels.

The main objections of traditional hot air hand dryers are the lack of a bacterial filter and the dry time. Drying takes so long that almost everyone walks away with damp hands. In addition, they often have to be started with a push button. If you want to prevent the spread of pathogens in the toilet, opt for a quick, touch-free drying solution.

Sustainable hands drying

Electric jet hand dryers have up to 80% less CO2 impact than paper towels and are therefore five times more sustainable. In addition, the jet hand dryers have a long life and are maintenance-free: the ideal solution for hygienically touch-free and durable hands drying.

For more information about these touch-free hand dryers visit the Dyson website or get in touch.