Touchfree Toilet

The most hygienic washroom is touch-free

Proper hand hygiene has been receiving increasing attention since the coronavirus outbreak. Rightly so, because clean, dry hands play an important role in preventing the spread of infectious diseases. Especially in buildings with many visitors, such as offices, restaurants and hospitals.

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Hand contact points

In order to prevent the spread of pathogens in these locations, it is wise to reduce the number of hand contact points. These are surfaces that are often touched by different people. For example, door handles, light switches and the flush plates of the toilet.

Research shows that viruses, including COVID-19, can survive for hours to even days in some places. Touch-free technology prevents contact of potentially infected surfaces and thus reduces the risk of infection. The range of touchless solutions is expanding rapidly. For example, the washroom can now be designed completely touchless with, sensor-controlled doors, taps and hand dryers.

During a washroom visit, several (potentially contaminated) surfaces are touched, both before and after washing hands. The most recent Dutch National Toilet Survey shows that 24% of taps, 1 in 4, are contaminated. Also a large part of the flush plates and doorknobs are dirty. It is no surprise that the demand for touchless solutions is strongly increasing.

The transfer of Covid into washrooms can be minimized by hand washing and by the installation of touchless taps, soap dispensers and doors.

Joseph Allen,Director of the Healthy Buildings Program, Harvard University

Opening doors

Open, close and lock toilet doors without touching them

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Toilet use

Don’t touch anything after using the toilet

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Hand washing

Opt for a sensor-controlled tap and soap dispenser

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Drying hands

Choose a touch-free jet hand dryer with HEPA filter

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The use of ‘touch-free technology’ reduces the number of hand contact points. A touch-free tap, soap dispenser and hand dryer instantly improve the hygiene of your washroom. If your ambitions go further, you can upgrade your washroom to an entirely ‘touch-free toilet’.